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Guys, I've got CIF working on my setup. You need to create a 'share' on your windows pc, but no other software is required.

Then you just go into the dream and set it up under the "Expert Settings" and "Communications Setup" menu. Press the blue button for "Mounts" and put the details in there.

IP address: The IP of your Windows PC
Dir: the name of the share you created
LocalDir: /mnt
Options: either ro or rw
Extra: just leave this how it defaults
User: Your Windows PC user name
Password: Your Windows PC password for that user name

Then select Auto-Mount and save it (yellow button), then you should get a message confirming it has been mounted. If you get an error, then the details are incorrect or you haven't created your share correctly on the Windows PC.


PS - I have a hdd mounted, so I don't record to my pc, but this works for me to view jpg images and play mp3's.

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